Chuck Pennacchio is still fighting Tricky Ricky! Why the hell aren't YOU???

If you are one of our Pennsylvania progressive and/or liberal brothers and/or sisters who supported and/or voted for Chuck Pennachio, but still can't support and/or vote for Bob Casey, then maybe you should check out and/or investigate what Chuck's up to at American United for Change.

Chuck is now Communications Director for PA Action which is the Pennsylvania affiliate of Americans United for Change, the group that is fighting to save social security and fighting against Santorum on that issue. They are the ones responsible for -


Check out some video of their activities.


We understand the problems that many of you have with the idea of working for Bob Casey, but if you can't find a way to work for him -

This is our moment, our opportunity to stop Tricky Ricky. If we fail, he will be running for president in '08 and could end up on the Repug ticket, if only as the vice-prez candidate (the "ol' heart beat away") to John McCain (whose heart is getting older and colder).

And PLEASE DO NOT LAUGH at the idea of President Santorum.

We remember, all to well, those who laughed at the idea of GWB being president and the hilarious idea of Ronald Ray-gun as president. Damn, that was just so funny, Back in the '70s we laughed so hard.....




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The Right Wing Play Book - Lesson Number One: How to Win an Election in August!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania -

If there's one lesson that all Democrats should have learned, but still have not, it is that high profile elections can be greatly influenced (or maybe even decided?) in August or even earlier. We're not talking about the state representative race here, but rather presidential, senatorial, and gubenatorial. And only in races where bucoodles of bling will be spent on advertising. Here in Pennsylvania, that means the Tricky Ricky Santorum vs. Bob Casey Senate race.

Repugs know that it is the best time to plant the Seeds of Negativity is EARLY. Post Labor Day is fine for discussing those "issue" things, but pre Labor Day is the time to start on those other things that actually win elections - issues of character.

Waiting until after Labor Day for the "official" beginning of the campaign season is the OLD wasy of doing things. The Repugs know this. Hopefully Democrats will learn.

Some would argue that the voters are all "on vacation" or aren't "paying attention" in August and we would argue - YOU ARE CORRECT, they aren't paying attention, but they still hear. And more important, they are not yet sick of the campaign and completely tuned out so the message is still getting through, even if only on a subliminableble level. The tune-out happens 2-3 weeks before election day. Overwhelmed by a GREAT FLOOD of media, which has continued unabated for several weeks, the voters simply TUNE OUT AND STOP LISTENING COMPLTELY. It's no longer that they "aren't paying attention", but rather that they are consciously avoiding paying attention and don't ever hear. All they want is for the election to be over.

Following the '04 elctions - "At least two (polls) conducted by Democrats since the election found that 'flip-flopper' was the top concern or most memorable information voters had about Kerry." This is from a USAToday article in January '05 which should be read and understood by all Democrats.

The Demcoratic candidate LOST THE ELECTION IN AUGUST to a bunch of repugs dressed in Halloween costumes! And to the Swift Boat Liars.

The month of August '04 was dominated by the two-pronged attack of flip-flops and swift-liars.

Three straight debate wins could not undo the damage done in August.

That is why it's good to see efforts like Grandpa Gorilla continuing during the summer.

Democracy for Pittsburgh didn't wait until this summer, they planted their seeds last spring. And of course, the great Erin Vecchio of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania planted her seeds in November of '04 !!!

Remember, seeds that are planted earliest will show the most growth come harvest day.

Late October is the time for GOTV efforts, not message development. If Bob Casey is saving all his negative media for late October, he is making a MAJOR mistake.

We hope not.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


SANTORUM CYBERGATE ---- Final 2 Weeks!!! Going Out of Business 1/2 Off Sale

On September 7th SANTORUM CYBERGATE will be closing it's doors after more than twenty months of operation.

September 7th is 2 weeks from today, but much more significantly it is exactly 2 months from the day when we throw Tricky Ricky Santorum out of office.

Between now and our closing, all posts are available for reading at 1/2 OFF the price you ususally pay!

Please be sure to browse our fine collection of slightly read posts and look for new offerings that you are sure to want to bookmark.

And be especially sure to check back on September 7th for a special visual treat for all visitors in addition to the first post open for comment!

Although, we are closing the doors for normal operation, we may return for one last post, an "Epilogue", on Novermber 8th, or 9th, or 10th (depends on how long the hangover lasts!)

And if Tricky Ricky does something really crazy, like, say, streaking the streets of Penn Hills to prove he really is a resident, we might drop back to re-open shop for a quick post.

Tricky Rick will go maximum negative on Casey. If that doesn't seem to be working he will become desperate and capable of anything.*


*Except winning.

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His house is a very, very, very, big house.
It's not in our PA; it's down there in VA...


Every thing that comes out of Santorum's mouth is a LIE. He can't even tell the truth about where he lives. He has LIED to the people of Penn Hills, PA and he has LIED to the people of Allegheny County, PA for financial gain. He is, in one word, a -


We first published our pictures in the January , 2005 post

"Where Does Tricky Ricky really live?"

Feel free to distribute the pictures, but please give a little credit to this little blog. Thanks.

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Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA
Santorum house pics / Santorum house pictures / Santorum house images