FE FI FO FUM - Who put the whoop-ass on SANTORUM?

Pittsburgh, PA -

The answer is -

ERIN "the giant killer" VECCHIO

She understood what that low-life-lying-lizard from Leesburg could never figure out: the voters don't like to be lied to, or stolen from.

According to KDKA, Santorum, on the final evening before the election, still didn't get it. Santorum said - "People didn't elect him to live in Penn Hills, he was elected to go to Washington..." But just a week earlier T-Ricky Santorum was still pretending to live in Penn Hills by passing out Halloween candy from his Penn Hills "front"!

We just got tired of having a LIAR for a Senator. That's all.

Well, T-Ricky, the voters made it easier for you now. You won't have to lie about your residency anymore.

On November 19, 2004, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an editorial that was the catalyst for SANTORUM CYBERGATE.

On November 19, 2006, SANTORUM CYBERGATE will put up its last post.

We did our small part and now it's time to go.

What a great feeling to know that in few short weeks he will be known as -


We sure like the sound of that and we also like the sound of
Erin Vecchio for Congress in 2008 !

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