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Yeah, this is actually our last post, but the first open to comment!

Two years ago today, we read the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial that started our "wheels turning" which soon carried us to SANTORUM CYBERGATE. We think the results achieved paid back all our efforts in spades.

We never allowed comments because, back in late 2004 and early 2005, there were so many naysayers concerning the Santorum residency issue that we felt that we would either be spending all our time defending the effort, or possibly give up the idea completely. There was a fairly widespread (but not universal) feeling among members, leaders, and groups in the Pittsburgh "progressive community" that the issue was not worth spendng time on. There were posts being made on other blogs saying that the residency issue was "unimportant" and "a waste of time", that we should be discussing "real issues".

So, to the doubters we give you this FACT - the Cybergate Residency issue was the beginning of the end for Tricky Ricky Santorum. (And to the early believers, we give you our THANKS .) The issue, by itself, didn't beat Santorum, but it got the "honesty/ethics" ball rolling. Hell, by the time the official campaign season began, even the establishment Dems had learned that you use EVERY weapon you have to defeat your opponent. (Yeah, that picture on the Allegheny County Democratic Committee website came from Santorum Cybergate.)

There were TWO people who BEAT Senator Tricky Ricky Santorum and neither one was named Bob Casey (but Bob did a truly classic job of not losing). The first was Erin Vecchio and the second was the T-Rickster himself. That's right folks, T-Ricky was our biggest ally.

This self righteous fool who believes himself capable of analyzing (and solving) the incredible geo-politcal and military challenges that lie ahead (especially after the FUBAR his boy, bush, has made), couldn't even figure out a simple politcal problem in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The final night of the campaign, in Crafton, PA, he was still making excuses on the residency issue. So, to T-Ricky, who allowed the people of Pennsylvania to see the real Tricky Rick, we give our thanks. We could've and would've done it without you, T-Rick, but we sure do appreciate the help!

However, the most credit and our greatest thanks go to great Erin Vecchio of Penn Hills, PA, without whom there would have never been a Cybergate issue and therefore no SANTORUM CYBERGATE. She was our inspiration.

Also, the importance of the work on the Homestead Tax issue done by Democracy for Pittsburgh cannot be overstated, so to everyone who helped out in the petition drive - our deepest thanks. A special note of apppreciation for those that went "above and beyone" for the petition drive and in their moral support for SANTORUM CYBERGATE. You know who your are.

And our special thanks to a great Virginia Democrat who contributed the pictures of Santara , T-Ricky's home in Lessburg, VA way back in December of 2004! The saying is that "a picture is worth a thousand words" so let us give to her 500 "thank"s and 500 "you"s, each one heartfelt.

Thanks to all of you, SANTORUM CYBERGATE has consistently remained in the top 20 results when you use "the Google" to look up the word/name santorum on "the internets". On election day it was # 15 !

To those blogs who linked to us, thank you. And if we missed a link to your blog, our apologies and special thanks to you for putting up with our bad webiquette.

And to the Brabender - GREAT JOB you did for Santorum and Hart! Check out his website for the "Client Quotes" for a T-Ricky quote, a Missy Hart quote, and even a BOB NEY quote praising this "politcial genius". SERIOUS LOL One of you bloggers should post some screen shots before they disappear. They are funny.

Now that we've finally made a post open for comments , we sure hope someone does. Now that would be embaressing...

...because we've always suspected that we only have 100 readers who are just compulsive cookie/cache cleaners.

Will we blog again? Mayber if we find a topic we care to explore (exploit) in detail. Although we have opinions on every issue and we find our opinions to be far superior to anything we've read on any other blog, we don't want to be preachy!

And keep your eyes open for Santorum's return. His dreams of being president are still alive. We hope to never have to reunite the A.S.A.P. (Anti-Santorum Action Posse), but keep in mind that in the year 2028, Tricky Ricky will still be younger than John McCain is now.

On to the next battle,


(and A.S.A.P.)

We'll leave you with this piece from one of our favoite movies.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


FE FI FO FUM - Who put the whoop-ass on SANTORUM?

Pittsburgh, PA -

The answer is -

ERIN "the giant killer" VECCHIO

She understood what that low-life-lying-lizard from Leesburg could never figure out: the voters don't like to be lied to, or stolen from.

According to KDKA, Santorum, on the final evening before the election, still didn't get it. Santorum said - "People didn't elect him to live in Penn Hills, he was elected to go to Washington..." But just a week earlier T-Ricky Santorum was still pretending to live in Penn Hills by passing out Halloween candy from his Penn Hills "front"!

We just got tired of having a LIAR for a Senator. That's all.

Well, T-Ricky, the voters made it easier for you now. You won't have to lie about your residency anymore.

On November 19, 2004, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran an editorial that was the catalyst for SANTORUM CYBERGATE.

On November 19, 2006, SANTORUM CYBERGATE will put up its last post.

We did our small part and now it's time to go.

What a great feeling to know that in few short weeks he will be known as -


We sure like the sound of that and we also like the sound of
Erin Vecchio for Congress in 2008 !

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


The time draws near, the hours left few. SANTORUM SONGBOOK Volume Two

Pittsburgh, PA -

Here it is, the follow up to our monster hit, Santorum Songbook Volume One:

(the Victory Songs)

just in time for Election Night Celebrations!

(To the music of Hello Dolly by Jerry Herman)

We say goodbye Ricky
You've been so Tricky
It's so nice to send you back where you belong
You look like hell Tricky.
We can tell Ricky
You're still lyin', you're still cryin', you're sitll whinin' on
You feel the room swayin
'Cause your dream's fadin'
The one where you become the president
SO !
No more crap, fellas
Doesn't need a VA map, fellas
Tricky will never come our way again.

(To the music of Bring Back My Bonnie - Traditional)

Verse -
Oh Ricky is so very Tricky
He said that he lives in PA
He never did think that a school bill
Could send him to Leesburg VA

Chorus -
Go home, go home, go home to Leesburg VA, TODAY!
Go home, go home, go home to Leesburg VA

Additional verses -
In Penn Hills he claimed he's a neighbor
But no one did ever see him
So Erin Vecchio said "No Rick
You can't steal from our citizens!"

His house in Penn HIlls is a small one,
His home in Leesburg is so big
From Cyber to Homestead to K-street
He acted like a little pig.

T-Ricky is often called Tricky
He's sometimes just called Little Rick
But one thing we all know for certain,
He's mostly just called a P-Rick

(To the music of Beer Barrel Polka by Jaromir Vejvoda)

Go home Santorum
It's time to go to VA
Go home Santorum
Leave us alone in PA
Go home Santorum
It's time to say your bye-bye
The voters finally kicked your butt out
Cause all you ever did was lie

Down, down to Leesburg
Get in your car and drive quick
Down, down to Leesburg
We grew so tired of your tricks
Down down to Leesburg
You tried to pull down the wool
You thought that you could steal the money
From Homestead and Penn Hills schools

Who caught him stealing?
She lives in Penn HIlls PA
Who caught him stealing?
She is our hero today
Who caught him stealing?
To her so much we do owe
Erin is her lovely first name
And her last name's Vecchio

(To the music of Happy Days are Here Again by Ager & Yellen) )

Tricky Rick has gone away
We sent him back to his VA
And he'll not come back to our PA
Happy days are here today

He stole from us we know it's true
He took the loot from Penn Hills
Now he is the one who is a fool
Pennsylvania has gone blue

Happy days are here once more
We got rid of that K Street whore
In two thousand eight we'll get some more
Happy days are here for sure

Happy days are here again
The skies are full of cheer again
And we'll have a drink of beer again
Happy days are here again

(To the music of Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen)

Somewhee way down in Leesburg
Full of lies
You're a coward and I know that
Now it's your time to cry.

Somewhere way down in Leesburg
Your state will turn blue
And the dreams that you dared to dream
Never will come true.

You wanted to be president
But that is something never meant to happen
You thought that you could fool us all
But now you've taken such a fall,
That In your pants you're crappin'

Somewhere way down in Leesburg
Tricky lies
Ricky cries down in Leesburg
Thank god that he ain't I.

As Tricky Little Ricky cries
in Leesburg V A
Thank god he ain't I

Be sure to print out this this Songbook as well as Volume One for your election night parties! But before then, every hour of every day remaining -


Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


We're Mad as Hell and we're not gonna blog about it anymore

Pittsburgh, PA

Our next post will be our last post until after the election. Now it's time to hit the streets. After the election, there will only be a couple more posts before we shut down Santorum Cybergate and formally disband the A.S.A.P. (Anti-Santorum Action Posse).

Our upcoming post will be the Santorum Songbook Volume Two - THE VICTORY SONGS. (a followup to our mega-hit Volume One). Don't worry, it's not bad luck to release it early and there are definitely no chickens being counted here. Besides, it's not luck that's will win this election - it's the work we all have done and the work we all will do in the next few days.

It's necessary to get the T-Ricky songs out pre-vote for your election night parties, because we've always believed, to paraphrase a great quote (that Emma Goldman never said):

"If we can't sing, we dont't want to be part of your revolution."

So with the words of Bob Marley as inspiration -

Get up, stand up
Stand up for your rights
Get up, stand up
Don't give up the fight

- we'll just say,

on to VICTORY !

Musical gems from the

While looking for the above clip, I wandered off and found these two that I saw performed live a quarter century (plus a decade) ago. There was a war going on back then, too.

Although I'm not a pacifist by any measure, I've always believed that virtually all wars are fought for bad reasons. I remember a night in '71 camped out at the Tidal Basin in DC, preparing for the coming days of demonstrations, listening to this one being performed by Phil Ochs If I were ever to become a pacifist (I'd kill to become a pacifist), this would be my anthem -

I'll never forget seeing the Doors perform this one back in '69. Jim's singing about something that I guess, with DNA testing, won't happen anymore - the Unknown Soldiers. It's not much comfort for the soldiers trapped in the hell called Iraq.

And for the ultimate lyrical inspiration, I'll leave you with this one.

bcnu on the other side of Victory,


Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA