Second Opinion Confirms Diagnosis: PREMATURE ATTACKULATION

Pittsburgh, PA

In a previous post we were the first to diagnose Tricky Ricky Santorum's problem:

Premature Attackulation - The premature release of an attack ad so filled with lies that it is easily debunked and ends up backfiring on the attacker.

Now, a second opinion is in (courtesy of The American Prospect), and our diagnosis is confirmed.

"Eventually, Santorum’s campaign conceded the ad’s blatant inaccuracies. The entire controversy has only managed to boost Casey’s favorability ratings, without Casey ever having to match Santorum in ad spending. "


What is the cure for PA?

There is no cure for PA (premature attackulation), but there is a cure for PA (Pennsylvania) - elect Bob Casey.

What should be done for those who have PA?

They are not medically fit for the public service so the recommended therapy is plenty of rest in a southern state, like, say, maybe -


Note: All diagnosisisissses were performed by certified graduates of the Bill Frist "Make a Diganosis Via Video" Home School course.

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