Jeb Bush Comes Out of the Closet and then Santorum Slips Out the Back Door

Pittsburgh, PA

We arrived at the scene too late to witness the Jeb Bush incident, but we can report that the demonstration continued well after the "closet encounter of the weird kind".

We arrived at the same T station a half hour after the closet fun, but only noticed a few extra police. It's a short one block walk to the Duquesne Club. It was a great sight: plenty of people, signs, and chanting. The response from pedestrians and drivers was fantastic; the energy level is rising. Props to the United Steel Workers Union for organizing the event and to all the people who attended.

We have reports that there were no further encounters with Jeb and that T-Ricky later "slipped out the back door". This seems to be a continuing problem. See our post from last year about the Democracy for Pittsburgh visibility at T-Ricky's book signing:
IT TAKES A BACK DOOR - for Tricky Ricky

We've already diagnosed Tricky Ricky's Premature Attackulation problem, but now Chronic Back Door problems? Tricky Ricky Santorum sure is a mess!!!

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