Tricky Ricky goes from hiding behind his children to having them LIE for him

Tricky Ricky Santorum (R-VA) has a new ad.

How sad that he is now using his childeren to tell the voters of Pennsylvania that he moved them "to Washington".


No one who lives in Leesburg, VA would say they live in Washington. The two locations are almost 40 miles apart. Would anyone who lives in Greensburg, PA say they live in Pittsburgh? NO! And that distance is only 33 miles. The use of his children to distort the truth about his residenccy is truly sad.

Does this look like Washington D.C. to you?

For all the reason we cited in a previous post, the ad is filled with bullshit but now Tricky Ricky is using his children to tell his lies for him. We have previously blogged on WHAT A COWARD HE IS!

We had heard that his media adviser Brasnapper (0r whatever his name is) was some kind of political genius. Really? We're laughing at him We're laughing at Tricky Ricky. Their ads reek of desperation.

Note: Santorum Cybergate had planned on signing off today, but with this new ad campaign we've deciided to stick around for a few more days. Our new closing date is 9/12/06.

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