TRICKY RICKY could never say the simple words : " I LIVE IN PA"

Tticky Ricky Santorum had his lines down good, but the words we never heard:
"I live in Pennsylvania".

He "spends" some time here, "maybe a month a year", well "probably".

He does the things he needs to do to establish a residency but not a primary residency. He pays taxes (although not as much as he legally should), he votes here, even has a dentist here! We were expecting to hear that his favorite dog kennel is here. But there's still one inconvenient truth:

Penn Hills, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania -
is not Tricky Ricky's primary residence!


And then he hides behind his children, AGAIN!

We've already shown that there is no reason to live in Virginia except by choice!

Everything else is the same old bullshit talking points.

A complete video of the debate is at TruthStream.org.

It sure felt good to see the November 19, 2004, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette being quoted. That editorial was the seed for SANTORUM CYBERGATE. To see the residency issue on national TV made our 20 month campaign even more worthwhile.

As far as the debate goes, we gave Casey a slight edge with it being a draw at worst.

With Casey in the lead, T-Ricky will have to do much better than what he showed on MTP. Anyway, we think debates are highly overrated as a means to change public opinion. Remember Kerry won all three of his.

All the dire predictions about T-Ricky chewing up Casey proved false, as we thought they would. Casey seemed relaxed and confident (even if still not a great debater), Santorum looked anxious and wound up tighter than a ... well you fill in the rest ... it's late...

Don't worry, by the third debate nobody will be watching or listening anyway....

Only three more days to blog...

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