Tricky Little Ricky "Can't Give No Satisfaction" Could it be - Premature Attackulation ?

Pittsburgh, PA -

The people of Pennsylvania are not satisfied with Tricky Ricky Santorum. Since he just can't satisfy like he used to, we suspect something might be wrong and we're diagnosing (Bill Frist style) the problem to be -

PA - Premature Attackulation

We here at A.S.A.P. know absolutely nothing about attack politics (our only concern is to help elect a Senator who actually lives in Pennsylvania), but we have heard that negative attack ads work best if done later in the campaign but still early enough to give the opponent time to respond. If the ads are done too late, the voters feel it is unfair not giving to the "attackee" time to respond. The ads might backfire. If the ads are realeased too early, the voters see this as a sign of desperation. Again, the ads might backfire. Timing is critical, but of course this technique works best if there is at least some element of truth to the ads.

The candidate has to be able to hold off until just the right moment - the moment the voters are ready. That's when the ads should come.

If the ad contains nothing but lies and COMES way too early that is a symptom of:

PA - Premature Attackulation

Note that we are talking about negative attack ads, not negative attack campaigns such as the "flip-flop" attack used on Kerry. Negative "theme" campaigns based on character can be developed early and be quite successful.

(Props to Erin Vecchio out in Penn Hills and Democracy for Pittsburgh!)

In the case of the recent ad campaign by Brawearer (we're still having problems remembering that name) , they put together a bunch of easily debunked LIES (there's a dead guy running Casey's campaign!) and spurted it out more than seven weeks before the election. The voters have to be ready, dammit! And now the truth is out and the voters feel even less satisfied. They need new man, a REAL MAN like, say -
Homeboy Bobby C ?

There is no cure for PA. The only solution is a new MAN!

(BTW, even though he is a total whore for the Washington lobbyists, we had always suspected that Tricky Ricky was a lousy TRICK! )

Sorry, T-Ricky but come November, there's going to be -
Another Mule Kickin' in Your Stall!

That's all.

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