Re-Post from 09/05 and update: T-Ricky makes CREW list of Top 13 Most Corrupt

CREW released their Top 20 list of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress and Tricky Ricky Santorum made it again. We posted about their list in September of 2005. Last year (the first for their list), there were only 13 names! This list has grown over 50% in just one year!

So that we can remninisce about the good old days when the list was only 13 names long, wer're repeating our post from last September.

UPDATE: Speaking of "Top" lists - a google search of the word/name "santorum" now has Santorum Cybergate in the Top 25 (it was Top 40 last year - thanks all!)

Ahh, the Good Old Days (9/27/05):

Be proud, fellow Pennsylvanians, "our" junior senator T-Ricky Santorum has gained a most distinguished honor by being named one of the 13 Most Corrupt Members (after Tom Delay) of Congress by CREW - Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Actually if you count Delay, I guess he would be in the top 14 - still quite an accomplishment for the Virginian. With all the corruption and cronyism in the Republican Party, the competition to make the list must have been fierce.

From the CREW website (beyonddelay.org):

"The Senate Ethics manual provides that improper conduct which may reflect upon the integrity and reputation of the Senate may be investigated by the Senate Select committee on Ethics.

The fact that Sen. Santorum ignored the Penn Hills school district’s residency requirements and enrolled his children in a cyber school in Pennsylvania, at a time when the children clearly resided in Virginia -- at significant cost to the taxpayers demonstrates a level of dishonesty that brings the reputation and integrity of the Senate into question. As a result, the Select Committee on Ethics should investigate this matter."


We commend CREW for the choice of T-Ricky for this list.

And we fully endorse their call for a SENATE INVESTIGATION.

(We only have one small complaint. He is listed as R-PA. We all know he is R-VA.)

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)
home page: http://www.citizensforethics.org/

And speaking of "TOP" lists:

As of today, if you do a google or yahoo search on the "name/word" - santorum,
the SANTORUM CYBERGATE blog is still in the TOP 40
after almost 9 months! Thank you all.


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