Tricky Ricky Santorum DEFEATED! We won!

Pittsburgh, PA

Tricky Ricky Santorum doesn't live here. He has lied about it for 2 years. He cost Allegheny County thousands of dollars by simply not telling the truth.

Today he withdrew his claim to Allegheny County, PA residency. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review has the best article (gives credit to Democracy for Pittsburgh) and here's the article and editorial from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He can spin it any way he wants, but this is the act of a desperate coward in full (uncontrolled) damage control. They are trying anything now, because nothing is working.


Pay back the $ 55, 000 you charged the people of our Commonwealth for YOUR school bill.

And then it's time for our "pay back" That will come on November 7th.

We will probably have more to say on this story in future posts, but right now we are wordless. It has taken 22 months of our efforts to achieve this moment. We have no self-congratulations, it was a job that needed to be done and the responsiblity fell to our posse.

But we do have plenty of THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to all the good folks at -
Democracy for Pittsburgh.
Our little blog was nothing compared to the work that they did and results that they achieved!

It was their Homestead Tax Petition campaign that made this happen.

To have challenged a powerful sitting US Senator on his illegal and unethical behaviour, and to have won, damn ... (Then again, he is just a sniveling litlle self-centered coward with delusions of grandeur, so maybe it wasn't such a big deal? Nah!)

TRICKY RICKY - Who's Your Daddy?

that's who.

If you need to know more, I suspect 2 Political Junkies might be posting some thoughts on Tricky Ricky's DEFEAT.

See y'all in a couple of days.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


Tricky Little Ricky "Can't Give No Satisfaction" Could it be - Premature Attackulation ?

Pittsburgh, PA -

The people of Pennsylvania are not satisfied with Tricky Ricky Santorum. Since he just can't satisfy like he used to, we suspect something might be wrong and we're diagnosing (Bill Frist style) the problem to be -

PA - Premature Attackulation

We here at A.S.A.P. know absolutely nothing about attack politics (our only concern is to help elect a Senator who actually lives in Pennsylvania), but we have heard that negative attack ads work best if done later in the campaign but still early enough to give the opponent time to respond. If the ads are done too late, the voters feel it is unfair not giving to the "attackee" time to respond. The ads might backfire. If the ads are realeased too early, the voters see this as a sign of desperation. Again, the ads might backfire. Timing is critical, but of course this technique works best if there is at least some element of truth to the ads.

The candidate has to be able to hold off until just the right moment - the moment the voters are ready. That's when the ads should come.

If the ad contains nothing but lies and COMES way too early that is a symptom of:

PA - Premature Attackulation

Note that we are talking about negative attack ads, not negative attack campaigns such as the "flip-flop" attack used on Kerry. Negative "theme" campaigns based on character can be developed early and be quite successful.

(Props to Erin Vecchio out in Penn Hills and Democracy for Pittsburgh!)

In the case of the recent ad campaign by Brawearer (we're still having problems remembering that name) , they put together a bunch of easily debunked LIES (there's a dead guy running Casey's campaign!) and spurted it out more than seven weeks before the election. The voters have to be ready, dammit! And now the truth is out and the voters feel even less satisfied. They need new man, a REAL MAN like, say -
Homeboy Bobby C ?

There is no cure for PA. The only solution is a new MAN!

(BTW, even though he is a total whore for the Washington lobbyists, we had always suspected that Tricky Ricky was a lousy TRICK! )

Sorry, T-Ricky but come November, there's going to be -
Another Mule Kickin' in Your Stall!

That's all.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum // Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


Tricky Ricky Santorum exposes Casey SCANDAL - EYE BROW GATE!

Pittsburgh, PA

This one's going to raise some eybebrows.

Tricky Ricky Santorum has finally found his winning issue -


Check out the T-Ricky website for his newest line of ATTACK! This is some funny shit.

Unlike other attacks on Bobby, at least this one is above the belt. In fact, you might say that his campaign has risen to such a high level that Tricky Ricky is now up to his eyes, or rather eyebrows, in shit!


Well, T-Ricky, since you like pictures so much, we have one for you -

Recognize it? Of course you do.

It's your home in VIRGINIA.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tricky Ricky / Santorum // Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


Yo, Brasnapper ! Your dirt ain't stickin'

Tricky Ricky Santorum's "media genius" (his name is Brasnapper, or Bratwister, or Braburner or some shit like that) has created ad campaigns based on hiding behind children and dirty lies about our HOME-boy, Bobby Casey, Jr.,


NewYork Times: TV Ads Fail to Move Penn. Voters in Poll

Oh yeah, that chump's name, it's not Braburner or any of the others it's - Brabender!

Tricky Ricky / Santorum // Residence / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA


Re-Post from 09/05 and update: T-Ricky makes CREW list of Top 13 Most Corrupt

CREW released their Top 20 list of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress and Tricky Ricky Santorum made it again. We posted about their list in September of 2005. Last year (the first for their list), there were only 13 names! This list has grown over 50% in just one year!

So that we can remninisce about the good old days when the list was only 13 names long, wer're repeating our post from last September.

UPDATE: Speaking of "Top" lists - a google search of the word/name "santorum" now has Santorum Cybergate in the Top 25 (it was Top 40 last year - thanks all!)

Ahh, the Good Old Days (9/27/05):

Be proud, fellow Pennsylvanians, "our" junior senator T-Ricky Santorum has gained a most distinguished honor by being named one of the 13 Most Corrupt Members (after Tom Delay) of Congress by CREW - Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. Actually if you count Delay, I guess he would be in the top 14 - still quite an accomplishment for the Virginian. With all the corruption and cronyism in the Republican Party, the competition to make the list must have been fierce.

From the CREW website (beyonddelay.org):

"The Senate Ethics manual provides that improper conduct which may reflect upon the integrity and reputation of the Senate may be investigated by the Senate Select committee on Ethics.

The fact that Sen. Santorum ignored the Penn Hills school district’s residency requirements and enrolled his children in a cyber school in Pennsylvania, at a time when the children clearly resided in Virginia -- at significant cost to the taxpayers demonstrates a level of dishonesty that brings the reputation and integrity of the Senate into question. As a result, the Select Committee on Ethics should investigate this matter."


We commend CREW for the choice of T-Ricky for this list.

And we fully endorse their call for a SENATE INVESTIGATION.

(We only have one small complaint. He is listed as R-PA. We all know he is R-VA.)

CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington)
home page: http://www.citizensforethics.org/

And speaking of "TOP" lists:

As of today, if you do a google or yahoo search on the "name/word" - santorum,
the SANTORUM CYBERGATE blog is still in the TOP 40
after almost 9 months! Thank you all.


Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
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Sign Santorum Petition - "PAY IT BACK, RICK" Support Allegheny County Democrats

Pittsburgh, PA

Link for Pay It Back Rick website
(Allegheny County Democratic Committee):


Please, pass along this link and help -


Keep the pressure on. Tricky Ricky's world is crumbling. He is growing more fearful and desperate. He is wound so tight that maybe we can make him -


Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


Allegheny Cnty Dem "Pay It Back, Rick" Campaign uses "Santara" pic on website!

Pittsburgh, PA

Allegheny County, PA, Democrats announced the start of the "Pay It Back, Rick" Campaign. Video of press conference is available at YouTube.

Pay It Back Rick

ALL Pennsylvanians can sign this petition!


It's great to see "establishment" Dems with FIGHT!

The picture of Tricky Ricky' home (we call it Santara ) they used is this one (cropped):

We usually like to ask for a little nod when someone uses our pics of Tricky Ricky's house. But we'll give the Allegheny County Dems a pass on this one!

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
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Pgh. P-G was WRONG about Tricky Ricky: Virginia home now worth a cool million!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
September 13, 2006

On Monday, Sep. 11th the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette incorrectly stated the value of Tricky Ricky Santorum's HOME (the real one, not the "front" in Pennsylvania). The correct fair market value is now:


That's up more than $200K just since the beginning of the Santorum Cybergate scandal!

Way back in November, 2004, Eleanor Chute, reported in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

"The Santorums also own a house, with an assessed market value of $757,000, in Leesburg, Va., according to Loudoun County records."

On Monday, The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was still using that figure ("he and his family spend the vast majority of their time at their $757,000 home in Leesburg, Va") in their editorial calling on Tricky Ricky Santorum to pay back the people of Penn Hills, PA, instead of sticking all the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with his school bill.


You can check the current fair market value for yourself at -


Answer Yes
Search by property address
then enter
17650 Tobermory

You can get a map and other cool info.

At least now we don't have to use the awkward -
"he owns a 3/4 million dollar home in VA."

Now (with normal rounding) it's simply:


Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


Is it time for Tricky Ricky Santorum to return to PRIMARY School?

The return of the HOMESTEAD TAX issue. It's about time!

As usual, 2 Political Junkies (dayvoe again) has the best Lowdown on the

The orginal Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story is here.

This issue is different (but related to) the Penn Hills issue. For Tricky Ricky Santorum, lying has become a way of life. So lying about a PRIMARY residence on the Allegheny County Application in order to receive a tax reduction, to which he is not entitiled, was no big deal for a serial LIAR like Tricky Ricky.

One thing dayvoe (that political junkie) didn't mention is that in addition to the $2,500 fine, the penalty for making a false statement (lying) on the Homestead Tax Exclusion Application, there is also provision for "prosecution as a third degree misdemeanor" which means up to one year in prison.

Tricky Ricky Santorum is a lawyer. He knows what "PRIMARY residence" means. He claims (lies) that he does not have a copy of his Homestead Tax Appication. Now tell us: What lawyer doesn't keep a copy of everything he signs? Instead of producing that copy, he cost the taxpayers of Allegheny County thousands of dollars having County workers search for the form (at the request of the Pgh Tribune-Review). Now, after almost 2 years of lying about his PRIMARY residency, he's going to give a few bucks back!

It's taken almost two years for this LIAR to come up with this LAME story!

So everybody, what's the moral to this story?

Lie on your taxes and when you get caught just say you'll donate it back to the people you stole it from.

It's easy. It's the Tricky Ricky way!

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA



We had announced our plan to shut down (stop posting) until after election day, but a valued friend of the blog, someone who offered much needed encouragement in our early days, called and asked that we "keep on keepin' on". We could not refuse. The funny thing is we've never met in person, but we will. Thanks, friend.

Besides, as we've called it before (and has been demonstrated in the last week) -

the scandal that keeps on giving!

So on to the -


As we blogged yesterday, Tricky Ricky Santorum has hit a new low. He has moved from hiding behind his children to now using his children to LIE for him in his new ad

Tocday over at 2 Politcal Junkies, dayvoe has done a great analysis of all the lies in the ad.

We personally cannot stomach Tricky Ricky, but we are sincerely saddened by the use of his children in this way.

This is an act of a COWARD.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


Tricky Ricky goes from hiding behind his children to having them LIE for him

Tricky Ricky Santorum (R-VA) has a new ad.

How sad that he is now using his childeren to tell the voters of Pennsylvania that he moved them "to Washington".


No one who lives in Leesburg, VA would say they live in Washington. The two locations are almost 40 miles apart. Would anyone who lives in Greensburg, PA say they live in Pittsburgh? NO! And that distance is only 33 miles. The use of his children to distort the truth about his residenccy is truly sad.

Does this look like Washington D.C. to you?

For all the reason we cited in a previous post, the ad is filled with bullshit but now Tricky Ricky is using his children to tell his lies for him. We have previously blogged on WHAT A COWARD HE IS!

We had heard that his media adviser Brasnapper (0r whatever his name is) was some kind of political genius. Really? We're laughing at him We're laughing at Tricky Ricky. Their ads reek of desperation.

Note: Santorum Cybergate had planned on signing off today, but with this new ad campaign we've deciided to stick around for a few more days. Our new closing date is 9/12/06.

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


TRICKY RICKY could never say the simple words : " I LIVE IN PA"

Tticky Ricky Santorum had his lines down good, but the words we never heard:
"I live in Pennsylvania".

He "spends" some time here, "maybe a month a year", well "probably".

He does the things he needs to do to establish a residency but not a primary residency. He pays taxes (although not as much as he legally should), he votes here, even has a dentist here! We were expecting to hear that his favorite dog kennel is here. But there's still one inconvenient truth:

Penn Hills, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania -
is not Tricky Ricky's primary residence!


And then he hides behind his children, AGAIN!

We've already shown that there is no reason to live in Virginia except by choice!

Everything else is the same old bullshit talking points.

A complete video of the debate is at TruthStream.org.

It sure felt good to see the November 19, 2004, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette being quoted. That editorial was the seed for SANTORUM CYBERGATE. To see the residency issue on national TV made our 20 month campaign even more worthwhile.

As far as the debate goes, we gave Casey a slight edge with it being a draw at worst.

With Casey in the lead, T-Ricky will have to do much better than what he showed on MTP. Anyway, we think debates are highly overrated as a means to change public opinion. Remember Kerry won all three of his.

All the dire predictions about T-Ricky chewing up Casey proved false, as we thought they would. Casey seemed relaxed and confident (even if still not a great debater), Santorum looked anxious and wound up tighter than a ... well you fill in the rest ... it's late...

Don't worry, by the third debate nobody will be watching or listening anyway....

Only three more days to blog...

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA / Pittsburgh / PA


Thanks to Tricky Ricky Santorum ......... We are all Penn-hill-vanians!

Tricky Ricky Santorum must be have transformed himself into a "uniter." Up until now it was only the people of Penn Hills and Allegheny County that he stole from.

Now get this trick:

Thanks, T-Rickster.

We feel so much closer to all the people of our Commonwealth. Now all Pennsylvanians have had their pockets picked by the
and will have even more reason to kick his ass back to Virginia where he lives.

Here's the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story.

SANTORUM CYBERGATE - the scandal that keeps on giving!

Tricky Ricky / Santorum / Residency / Pittsburgh / Pennsylvania / PA
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