Just in time for Summer Fun!
Santorum SONGBOOK Volume One

OK kids, school's out and soon you'll be heading away to summer camp! While you're sitting around the carmpfire youl'll need some songs to sing.

So here are a few ditties from the NEW -

Tricky Ricky Santorum
Words and Lyrics by corporatemedia unless otherwise noted.

(to “Home on the Range” - Traditional)
( chrous only - the "Home home on the..." part.)

Home, home in P A
Where the Eagles and STEELERS do play,
We love our football
And say “Howdy y’all”
To Santorum in Leesburg V A

Tricky Ricky is gone
To his home in V A, he’s withdrawn
Yes he’s not in Penn Hills
But he sends them his bills
From his big house with neatly trimmed lawn

Tricky Ricky got caught
This is something that won’t be forgot
He’s a big lying sack
So we’ll send him on back
To that house in Virginia he bought.

Home, home in P A
Where we the voters will stay
And in the end
The voters will send
Santorum to Leesburg V A

(to the (no-need-to download) music of "They're Cousins- Theme to The Patty Duke Show" by Hugh Cares)

Meet TRICKY, who's been most everywhere,
from Virginia to Station Square.
But RICKY's only seen the sights
A boy can see on Penn Hill nights --What a crazy pair!
But they're clonies, identical clonies all the way.
One pair of matching bookends, different as night and day.

While RICKY doesn't have a doggy pet,
or K street friends with corporate jets,
Our TRICKY loves to get the dole,
talk of Penn Hills makes him lose control -- what a wild duet!
Still, they're clonies, identical clonies and you'll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike, they seldom ever talk alike!
You can lose your mind, when TRICKY is TWO of a kind!

(From our post Send in the CLONES! Are there TWO T-Rickys??)

THAT OLD JACK MAGIC by "Johnny Merciless"
(to the music of "That Old Black Magic" by Johnny Mercer)

That old Jack Magic had them in its spell,
That old Jack Magic that they weave so well.
Their tribal money and the corruption,
That same old witch craft that T-Rick has done.
It's time for pay back, Bush is yet to come,
But the worst is called Santorum.

Always makes me cough.
Disgusting Republicans are scum


Kids, if you can get Tricky Ricky to come to your campfire, you can have him sing these verses! If not, you probably won't ever use them because NOBODY will want to sing the part of Tricky Ricky!

HOME, HOME IN PA - the unsung verses
(the verse - the part that goes "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam....")

"Oh give me a home with an insider loan
and a nice view of Leesburg VA
Where I'm far away but I still make them pay.
Screw the people of Penn Hills PA."

"Oh I've fooled them once and I've fooled them twice.
The third time is always a charm.
I say I live there, but I really live here
on my land that's as big as a farm."

"Oh they paid my school bill, yes I sure got my fill
and I fooled them on the Homestead tax.
They sure are so dum, hope they never do come
to Virginia so I can relax"

"Oh money from PACs and from Homestead tax
and money with no time to count.
It's all good for me, 'cause there'll never be
a dog they could find I would mount."

"Oh I'm willing to lie and I'll not tell you why
but will tell you of things yet to come.
You'll call me a bum and you'll say the word scum
means the same thing as Rick Santorum"

"Oh I drank from the trough, same as Jack Abramoff
but the people have finally caught on
There will soon come a day that's not far away
when my days in the Senate are done."

Hope you all have a great summer and be sure put out that campfire!
And remember, kids -

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