Cool T-RICKS: Presto Chango AND
Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Seems that Will over at AttyTood is reporting on some neat T-Ricks that Tricky Ricky Santorum has performed while going from paper to audio with his book - "It takes a Coward....or whatever"

Presto Chango, our "weird" public schools are now only "strange."

And the section of the book that deals with the Penn Hills cyber school issue has completely DISAPPEARED!

We're guessing there's still some power left in the magic word Abracadabramoff - at least enough power for a lame t-rick attempting to change his record.

As a public service, we posted the original text from his book last July with a translation of what really happened -

IT TAKES A MAN - to tell the truth!

We also wondered if the original working title was "It Takes an Idiot", but now we wonder if the new title for the audio version should be "I Think the Voters are Idiots."

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