Send in the CLONES!
Are there TWO T-Rickys??

Have we been wrong all along? Is it not the magical power of abracadabramoff that enables Tricky Rick to reside in Pennsylvania while living in Virginia? We never considered the possbilitity that Tricky Ricky Santorum might have been CLONED!

"I do not have a personal charity."
TRICKY Santorum (3/6/06)

"Look, the bottom line is, I have a charity."
RICKY Santorum (3/8/06)
(A most excellent VIDEO report from Pittsburgh station -WTAE)

So mayber there's two of him! That would would excplain why he's able to take both sides on so many issues.! If this was a musical comedy, this is the point in the show where someone might say....

"Let's SING!"
(to the theme song from "The Patty Duke Show" a really bad 1960's show about identical cousins.)

Meet TRICKY, who's been most everywhere,
From Virginia to Station Square.
But RICKY's only seen the sights
A boy can see on Penn Hill nights --What a crazy pair!

But they're clonies,
Identical clonies all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day.

While RICKY doesn't have a doggy pet,
he get's his nut from poker bets,
Our TRICKY loves to get the dole,
G. Stephy makes him lose control --What a wild duet!

Still, they're clonies,
Identical clonies and you'll find,
They laugh alike, they walk alike,
They seldom ever talk alike --You can lose your mind,
When TRICKY is TWO of a kind!

For an incredibly annoying instrumental version of an already annoying song -

But at least you can SING ALONG!
(Dancing optional.)


Notice, in the video, how uncomfortable T-Ricky is when answering questions about the charity - to the point of contradicting his own letter!
Notice how, in his LTTE on 3/6/06, he went out of the way to defend himself on the CHARITY issue, not the mortgage issue. The mortgage issue, while further solidifying T-Ricky's position as a the premier CAPTAIN OF THE CULTURE OF CORRUPTION, is too complicated.
(Remember K.I.S.S.)

The CHARITY issue is the one HE IS AFRAID OF!

Every voter understands that you-


Tricky Rick has not only been caught in the cookie jar (Penn Hills and others), but now has been caught with his hand in the charity collection plate.!

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