Anti-Santorum Action Posse (A.S.A.P.) Announces Endorsement for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania

Casey faults Santorum over ads
Challenger says TV spots distort incumbent's record on Social Security

Tuesday, December 06, 2005By James O'Toole, Pittsburgh

State Treasurer Bob Casey yesterday urged U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., to disavow an independent group's TV ad that lauds the incumbent's position on Social Security.

Mr. Casey, a Democrat who hopes to unseat Mr. Santorum in next year's election, said that Mr. Santorum should call for the ad to be taken off the air because its sponsor, a group known as Americans for Job Security, declines to identify its donors.

He charged further that the ad distorts Mr. Santorum's position on the controversial issue. And in a news conference Downtown, Mr. Casey raised questions about similarities between the TV commercial and an Internet ad on the Social Security issue, posted on the Santorum campaign's Web site.

"Sen. Santorum and his supporters are not being honest on who paid for these ads and who these people are and he's not being honest about his record on Social Security,'' Mr. Casey said.

Being a gentlemen, Mr. Casey doesn't want to use the word "liar." But where we come from "not being honest" equals "LIAR."

Casey gets it. The issue is HONESTY. Or more correctly T-Ricky's lack of honesty. T-Ricky is a charter member of the Republican Culture of Corruption!

With Casey's statement, our decision on which candidate to endorse became easy.

A.S.A.P. Endorsement for U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania:

The Democratic candidate who lives in Pennsylvania!

Open letter to Senator T-Ricky,

Please just go home to Virginia - the commonwealth of your birth, the place you make your home, the place where you choose to raise your family, the place where you raise your dirty campaign money.

Leave us Pennsylvanians alone.



T-Ricky's SECRET Ad $MONEY$ Comes from VIRGINIA (and even his spokesperson is named VIRGINIA!!!)

Read all about it at 2 Political Junkies!



And for great laughs, check out this line -

"Virginia Davis, Santorum's campaign spokeswoman, said the campaign was not aware..."


And now T-Ricky is found to be using the same actors in his ads as in the ads he was not "aware" of!!!!????

Tricky Ricky, you're so Tricky. Hey Tricky! Hey Ricky!