IT TAKES A BACK DOOR - for Tricky Ricky!

8/05/05 - Pittsburgh, Pa
Santorum Cybergate

Photos by elyria19

Citizens from the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area were on hand to greet the Visitor from Virginia but Tricky Ricky would have none of it, never coming out of his hole in the lower level of of Borders Books. If he had followed the example of Punxatawney Phil (who actually lives in Pennsylvania), T-Ricky would NOT have seen his shadow - which we all know signifies ONLY 15 MONTHS until T-Ricky goes down in defeat and Pennsylvania once again has two senators.

Reports from inside of T-Ricky's burrow included one critic of his book, who after making the purchase and bringing it to the Visitor, proceeded to rip the pages to pieces. We assume that his review will be negative. The critic received a personal escort out of the building by security personnel.

Another Pennsylvanian brought along a copy of the Homestead Tax Form for T-Ricky to sign. He's lied so often about his residency, why not do it again? Since it was supposedly "lost", why wouldn't he just sign again stating that he is a resident of Allegheny county? Could it be that the form specifies penalties for false statements?

The response to the Democracy for Pittsburgh "Santorum Visitor Center" from drivers passing by was fantastic! The response from those that came to buy T-Ricky's book (because they actually believe his crap) was silence along with looks of disapproval, often mixed with that "knowing" look that almost always means they know nothing at all.

In the end, T-Ricky decided that he did not want to visit the Santorum Visitor Center and receive his free map of Pennsylvania. Instead, Santorum slipped out the back door.