You got that right, Sister!

A great letter-to-the-editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from a CATHOLIC NUN:

"Sen. Rick Santorum and his wife have taught their children a powerful lesson on civic responsibility by refusing to pay any tuition money to the Penn Hills School District for their children who attended the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School ... Released from that payment on a technicality shows that even an upstanding, moral gentleman like Sen. Santorum teaches his children the following lessons:

1) Take advantage of the system whenever you can.
2) The little guy pays while the rich and powerful guy gets away with it.
3) As a Catholic, you have no obligation to pay your share to the common good in spite of Catholic social doctrine. "


We haven't seen this bad a public butt-whooping by a Nun since Sister Mary Stigmata put the stick to Jake and Elwood Blues!