IT TAKES A MAN - to tell the truth !

Tricky Ricky wrote a book: It Takes a Family
He stole the title from H. Clinton: It Takes a Village
We have reason to believe that the original working title was:
It Take a Village Idiot

Tricky Ricky's version of Cybergate:

"We liked the idea so much that we have some of our children enrolled in some of these public cyberschools—until the increasingly uncivil world of partisan politics extended its venom into our home and into our children’s education." Pg. 387

The true version of Cybergate:
"I liked the idea of sticking Penn Hills with my bills so much that I
enrolled some in some - until an article in a small weekly newspaper led to me getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar and I had to start spewing venom onto all those who would question my lies about where I actually live."

Oh how he loves to lie.