You got that right, Sister!

A great letter-to-the-editor in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from a CATHOLIC NUN:

"Sen. Rick Santorum and his wife have taught their children a powerful lesson on civic responsibility by refusing to pay any tuition money to the Penn Hills School District for their children who attended the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School ... Released from that payment on a technicality shows that even an upstanding, moral gentleman like Sen. Santorum teaches his children the following lessons:

1) Take advantage of the system whenever you can.
2) The little guy pays while the rich and powerful guy gets away with it.
3) As a Catholic, you have no obligation to pay your share to the common good in spite of Catholic social doctrine. "


We haven't seen this bad a public butt-whooping by a Nun since Sister Mary Stigmata put the stick to Jake and Elwood Blues!


Why does PENNSYLVANIA only have
ONE Senator???

"We won't be satisfied until Virginia gives up its third senator and Pennsylvania gets two senators again," - Howard Dean 7/19/05



Yo, t-Ricky! Penn Hills still wants the money you STOLE!

Penn Hills to appeal Santorum ruling

By Reid R. Frazier

TRIBUNE-REVIEWTuesday, July 19, 2005

The Penn Hills school board voted Monday to appeal a state hearing officer's decision on whether the district should be reimbursed for the online schooling bills for the children of U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum.

The board decided 7 - 2 ...


also -



Maybe tRicky should get a diagnosis from Dr. Frist?


to hide behind your children

T-Ricky, in typical right-wing attack-dog style, accuses his critics of attacking his children!!! Oh T-Ricky when will you stop all your fibbing? And why are you hiding behind your children?

No one's children -- and especially not small, school-age children -- should be used as pawns in the "politics of personal destruction," he said. "I can assure you that I will not involve my opponent's children in the upcoming Senate campaign and neither will my surrogates," Santorum said. "I am challenging my opponent to join me today in making this public commitment to my children."

This is a time-honored right-wing T-RICK:
(Remember the Cheney's daughter "issue"?)

In fact, we wish only the best for his children. For T-Ricky, we have only disdain.
It is not his children who have claimed to live in Pennsylvania for financial gain.

Senator Santorum,

It is FOR THE CHILDREN that we ask you to COME BACK to Pennsylvania. Raise your children along with the other fine families here in our great Commonwealth. Send them to our fine public or parochial schools. Raise them as Pennsylvanians, not Virginians. Why are you afraid of the people of our state?


CYBERGATE IS NOT OVER (the sore continues to fester)

[School Board Member] "Vecchio denounced Kramer's ruling and vowed to push for an appeal. State Education Secretary Francis Barnes is expected to issue a final ruling next month.

"We all knew Rick Santorum doesn't live here, but we're going to have to pay for his kids' schooling," Vecchio said. "People are going to be very upset about this."

And then there's that little matter of the HOMESTEAD TAX !

How you gonna hide behind your children on that one, T-Ricky?


Another CRIMINAL goes free on a Technicality -

What a surprise, it's ...


That's who !

Tricky Ricky doesn't have to pay for his crime because the school board "did not file objections in a timely manner." Don't you just hate it when criminals get off on technicalities?



And remember when this hearing was supposed to be PUBLIC?

t-Ricky is good.

A special message to the good people of Pennsylvania,

Be on the lookout in your community for a US Senator with a background in claiming to be your neighbor but actually living out of state and sticking you with the bills.


Lives in Virginia but is
known to frequent our

communities during holidays:

Sen. Ricky Santorum

aka The Trickster
aka t-Ricky


IT TAKES A MAN - to tell the truth !

Tricky Ricky wrote a book: It Takes a Family
He stole the title from H. Clinton: It Takes a Village
We have reason to believe that the original working title was:
It Take a Village Idiot

Tricky Ricky's version of Cybergate:

"We liked the idea so much that we have some of our children enrolled in some of these public cyberschools—until the increasingly uncivil world of partisan politics extended its venom into our home and into our children’s education." Pg. 387

The true version of Cybergate:
"I liked the idea of sticking Penn Hills with my bills so much that I
enrolled some in some - until an article in a small weekly newspaper led to me getting caught with my hand in the cookie jar and I had to start spewing venom onto all those who would question my lies about where I actually live."

Oh how he loves to lie.


PA House votes 175 to 24 :
Ricky's Trick was WRONG

If you don't LIVE here, don't send your bills here.

News from the Pennsylvania General Assembly
6/21/2005, 7:11 p.m. ET
The Associated Press

(AP) — CYBERSCHOOL TUITION: Students enrolled in online charter schools, or "cyberschools," would have to live within a school district with their parents to be considered residents of the district under a measure passed by the House 175-24. The measure now goes to the Senate.

"It's time to clear up the confusion," [State Representative Anthony] DeLuca said.

The Pennsylvania House members know what tRicky did was WRONG
The people of Pennsylvania know what tRicky did was WRONG.
Why didn't tRicky know that it was WRONG?

Or did he just think he could get away with it?

Oh tRicky, why can't you tell the truth?