Will Tricky Ricky Santorum get away with it?

There are proposals for new legislation to define residency for the purpose of Pennsylvania cyber schools. For instance -
"State Rep. Anthony DeLuca, D-Penn Hills, plans to introduce legislation defining residency later this month."

Tricky Ricky thinks new definitions of residency will help his case:
"'Senator Santorum is pleased to learn that the Penn Hill School District has recognized that those individuals who are residents of Pennsylvania and are serving their country are allowed to perform that service while maintaining their residency in Pennsylvania,' Santorum's spokeswoman Chrissy Shott said."

Others disagree -
"...local Democratic chairwoman Erin Vecchio, who led the crusade to bounce Santorum from the residency rolls, said she supported the measure because it would better define residency. She did not think it would allow Santorum to qualify as a district resident."

Full story by Reid Frazier, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

While A.S.A.P. supports the idea that those missionary, military, and federal workers who truly are "temporarily" away from their residence should be able to receive cyber schooling for their children (as long as cyber schooling is allowed by law), we want to make it clear that this is not the case with Tricky Ricky Santorum. We do not believe elected federal office holders should be included. Tricky Ricky thinks he can be President! Should the people of one school district in Pennsylvania be expected to pay for his children's education during that "temporary" assignment? Allow elected federal officials to claim dual residency, but make them get their children's education from the place where they live. Besides, how many elected federal officials ever intend to go to Washington, D.C. on a "temporary" basis? (And whatever happened to that "great idea" Republicans had for term limits?)

Tricky Ricky can never claim that he moved from the Penn Hills house (because he never lived there), or claim that he intends to return to it (because the only Pennsylvania he wants to go to is 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., D.C.)

Unless this law is written so that it defines residency, for cyber school purposes, as the place you once lived, moved from, and intend to return to, then Tricky Ricky will be helping others steal from the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

Because if Tricky Ricky is allowed to get away with this, then what is to prevent other traveling out-of-state landlords who once lived in, for example, Tennessee (where cyber schools are specifically forbidden by law) from buying a house in PA, renting it, and sticking the taxpayers of that school district with their cyber school bill?

Contact your PA state Senators and Representatives on this issue!

And does this have any effect on the petition drive? Hell no! The petition drive continues -
because "primary residence" for the purpose of the Homestead Tax Exclusion is the place where you LIVE. Tricky Ricky LIVES in VA, not in PA.


PA to hold PUBLIC HEARING on Penn Hills CYBERGATE issue

Important Cybergate developments on the Penn Hills front.

"A public hearing will determine whether Penn Hills School District will be refunded close to a year-and-a-half's worth of tuition it paid to enroll U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum's children in a cyber charter school. ...the hearing time and place are yet to be determined" http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/search/s_301757.html

We have received this report from a listener of WDUQ-FM (Pittsburgh) who heard the story on-air:
"Santorum said, arrogantly, that perhaps Penn Hills should go ask the Cyber School for their money back!"


Santorum Petition Drive Begins

A petition drive to get our junior senator, Tricky Ricky Santorum, to stop illegally claiming he lives in Allegheny County began tonight, Wednesday, February 2, 2005.

The petition is from residents of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.
A downloadable petition form and further information is available at: