Just the facts, please...

The facts:
* santorum has never lived in the Penn Hills, PA, house
* santorum lives with his family in his Loudoun County, VA, house
* santorum receives a tax break from Allegheny County, PA, intended for property owners who actually live in the house
* santorum must have lied on the Act 50 form to get that tax break (the first question: "Is this your primary residence?")
* santorum has tenants who live in his Penn Hills house
* the tax break is not intended for the owners of rental property
* there are provisions for a fine and criminal prosecution for false statements on the Act 50 form

The story in a few links –

11/19/04 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette…Editorial…contains the first editorial mention of this issue

11/19/04 Pittsburgh Tribune-Review…Daniel Reynolds...contains the first reporting on this issue

N/A Allegheny County (PA) Property Assessment Web Site...enter "stephens" for street and "111" for number (without the " ")...click on "Tax information/Pay Taxes" tab...documents santorum receiving homestead exclusion

N/A Allegheny County County ACT 50 info..MUST HAVE ADOBE to view…click on "act 50 form and instructions"…contains questions asked and penalties for false answers: payment of back taxes + interest + penalties + up to $2,500 fine + prosecution as a 3rd degree misemeanor (up to one year in prison)